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Summer update…

Believe it or not, for the purposes of this film, September is still considered part of the three-month “summer” block. 🙂

First off, I apologize for the paucity of updates, please don’t mistake silence for inactivity. Quite the opposite, actually. Come visit the website’s gallery, and you’ll see that our latest update has more than doubled the number of screencaps that have been posted, including filming going all the way back to the beginning of July.
vlcsnap-00011 vlcsnap-00002 vlcsnap-00005 vlcsnap-00007

July was a busy month for the film, particularly at the height of the growing season. We managed to get footage of Eric in action, doing his thing at one of the area’s largest street fairs, in Nyack, NY.
vlcsnap-00010 vlcsnap-00014

We also filmed at events at Queens Botanical Garden and the New York Hall of Science, with thanks to them for their permission!

…and Matt and I took our second carnivorous plant walk out in Long Island to see some Utricularia and Sarracenia in their native habitats. Thanks for the opportunity, Matt! vlcsnap-00021 vlcsnap-00027 vlcsnap-a00004 vlcsnap-00006

August was sparse, as I was actually travelling for nearly three out of the four weeks of the month. However, September saw a return to production. First, we checked in with Ivan for a status check.
Then, Jonathan and Ivan met for the first time in Union Square, before embarking on a trip to Massachussetts to attend the New England Carnivorous Plant Show for the first time. vlcsnap-00005

Upon arrival, we were given permission by the NECPS to film, with our thanks to them for that, and for putting on an amazing show. Check out the 80+ screencaps in the gallery!vlcsnap-00094 vlcsnap-00003 vlcsnap-00005 vlcsnap-00012 vlcsnap-00017 vlcsnap-00041


While there, Matt Kaelin gave a talk on his book “The Sinister Beauty of Carnivorous Plants.” vlcsnap-00058 vlcsnap-00065

This also gave Ivan and Jonathan the chance to meet Matt for the first time.vlcsnap-00070 vlcsnap-00074

And lastly, we were able to interview some amazing staff at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden last week, and Jonathan and I caught up as well.
vlcsnap-a00023 vlcsnap-a00004 vlcsnap-a00007 vlcsnap-a00013 vlcsnap-a00019 vlcsnap-a00021

Next up? Ivan and I take a trip to Trumansburg, NY to speak with a fellow retailer/local Nepenthes expert… We’ll catch up with Matt and Eric as well… Teaser trailer to be made imminently as well…