Monthly Archives: January 2017

Principal Photography has wrapped!

Happy 2017, everyone! I wanted to send a quick update on what’s been happening since that last September update.

Well, October was a pleasant surprise. Ivan and I were graciously permitted to visit the operations of our dear friend and colleague Ryan Georgia up at Native Exotics in Ithaca, NY! We spent the better part of an afternoon visiting with Ryan, who took time out of his schedule to show us around and talk to us a little but about Nepenthes. Due to equipment issues, we lost the footage from the external lav mic during his interview, but the on-camera audio is useable, if a little noisy. 🙂 High five for subtitles.

In November, we went with Eric to a 4H youth event hosted by Cornell Cooperative Extension over at the Suffolk County Farm.

We also returned to the New York Hall of Science, where Erin Thelen was gracious enough to speak to us about the importance of science education and the role that carnivorous plants can play.

There’s still few items left to get to… Final “where are they now” wrap ups with Jonathan and Ivan, and Ivan will be getting some footage of his grow setup. But in the meantime, we’re good to go.

January was a bit of a wash, unfortunately. I had a three-week obligation to my career job that took precedence, so I was unable to commit time to much of anything else. One thing that I was able to do was to largely suspend Midtown Carnivore’s retail side, to give me the time that I need to devote to post-production this year. With that, let’s begin…

In the meantime, check out the full range of great screen captures on our Media page!