Monthly Archives: March 2020

The end is near… (and by that I mean “completion”) :D

I had started two prior updates over the past few months, but never finished either, mainly because I found myself pulled back into editing, which took precedence… So, the good news is we’re nearing the end. It’s finally in sight

All that’s left for the rough cut are 1) the end credits and 2) a bit of temp voiceover for Iván’s autumn segment (which I’m hoping to do in the next day or two), and 3) “where are they now”. The first two should be done in the next week or two, but the Update segment will be a placeholder for now. (More on that below.) But yes, we’re almost there!

At this point, the film is looking to clock in at around an ~80-minute runtime. I’ve been in touch with our composer, Adonis Aletras, whom I’ve alerted to expect the rough cut by the end of the month to begin scoring. Hoping to have the finished score back by the end of Spring or early summer, but we’ll see how his schedule goes, with my deepest gratitude to be working with him again after over a decade. 😀

While he’s crafting his art over in beautiful Cyprus, I’ll be searching for a voiceover artist for the majority of the narration. Budget is tight, but I’ll do the best I can, cheers… And while that’s getting recorded, I’ll be assembling “Where are they Now” footage for the four subjects (pending their availability) and dropping in the on-screen text.

I’m still deciding whether to use text to name every species/hybrid that appears on-screen… I’m leaning towards towards indicating species/hybrid name only sparingly, because 1) I don’t want to mis-identify anything and 2) I’m worried that in most segments it will be a distraction more than an enhancement.

We’re so very close; I’m loathe to take time away from diving back in, but I DID want to share a portion of Matthew Kaelin’s Spring scene (with a temp music track) with thanks for all of your continued patience. I’ll have more updates once voiceover and music are done…