Monthly Archives: June 2021

IMDB, and Film Festival updates for June

I hope this message finds you all well! I bring some good news… We’ve gotten in our first month’s returns on film festival submissions, and while some of you may have already seen these updates on our Facebook page, I wanted to put out a formal update.

1) CAPTIVATED: THE ALLURE OF CARNIVOROUS PLANTS (2021) is now listed on IMDB. ( The credits listed there should be complete, but if you find that your name is missing or misspelled, do let me know and I’ll work on getting it corrected. (Those of you with businesses will be listed under either Production Companies or Other Companies.)

2) The documentary won Best Documentary at Mabig Film Festival, a small festival from Augsburg, Germany now in its 3rd year, I believe, with a screening event in December. (

3) It also won Best Documentary at the first season of Festopedia Cinemas and Scripts, a small event in India ( now accepting submissions for its second season.

4) …but the greatest news of all, for me personally, is that our film is an Official Selection for this year’s Strong Chance Film Festival, a film festival in its 3rd year in Brooklyn, NY, screening this August, with details to follow. I’ll be in attendance, and am very excited as this will be our first official screening! I’ll have more info on SCFF and our screening there, soon…
More to follow as events develop…