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Two more!

It’s Saturday night, and the weekend has already been very long. But good news: we’ve been hard at work on Production. I had the good fortune of filming with our youngest subject, Mr. Iván Lacroix, who was a delight to work with for his Day 1 interview.

…and this was then followed up by the Day 1 interview in the sunny Bronx with Jonathan Mejia of The Sarracenia Forum. We talked about the board’s annual charity auction (which started a week ago!) and this year’s beneficiary, as well the site’s goals for the next year.

Coming up next: I’ll be shadowing Jonathan and Iván for a day or two in the next few weeks and filming with Eric at an event on March 20, and Day 1 interview with author Matt Kaelin (tentatively) on March 23.

Site launch

Happy New Year, everyone!

And with 2016 comes a great deal of Pre-production news on CAPTIVATED: The Allure of Carnivorous Plants!

  1. To our amazing Kickstarter backers: Those of you whose rewards include the carnivorous plants Digital Photo Archive should have received the email with the link on Christmas. (I seem to be following a Holiday theme this year.) If you should have received a link, but did NOT, please send me an email… which reminds me…
  2. Our new website is up. (You’re either reading this on Kickstarter, or…) Please find the new site at http://www.captivatedthefilm.com/
    The website is in its nascent stages, but it’s functional. Our email address is on the Join Us page at the bottom.Those of you with screen credits as part of your Kickstarter rewards, please check the information on the Credits page.
  3. Spreading the word: In addition to the website, we’re also now on Facebook (/captivatedthefilm), Instagram (@captivatedthefilm) and Twitter (@captivatedfilm, no “the”).
  4. Preproduction: About 85% of our equipment is here. Camcorder, shoulder rigs and stabilization equipment, lighting, sound, spares (lightbulbs, batteries, etc.)… All that’s missing is the macro camera and its lighting; that comes early next year. Also, CAPTIVATED will now be produced by “Configuration Q Productions LLC”.
  5. Filming: I’m slated to start filming with Eric on January 31st. Jonathan M. and I have been in talks, we’ll be filming in late February. Matt and I have been exchanging emails, scheduling is in progress, hoping for early February. Ivan has been waiting patiently for me to finalize release forms; once that’s done, I’ll be speaking with his family to confirm his involvement, aiming hopefully for late January. (Now that the website is up, these release forms are my next priority.) Lots in the works!

Thanks to all of our supporters for their patience at these early stages! There will be lots happening in the next few weeks… In the meantime, Happy New Year to you all!